Fitness And Health Benefits Only Personal Trainers Can Provide

It can be tempting to think of yourself only as a personal trainer, but the truth is you’re also a one-person business and marketing department – and a key part of your job is to sell yourself to your clients.


That’s why it’s important for clients to understand the benefits of working with a personal trainer – because if they don’t feel like their workouts benefit them, they won’t keep coming back. Make sure you understand the value of a personal trainer first, so you can answer any questions your clients have. Understanding the reasons to hire a personal trainer is key for a lasting, successful partnership on both sides.


Understanding The Advantages Of Personal Training


Arm yourself with the facts about fitness training so you can share them with your clients.


For instance, a 2008 study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that individuals who worked out with a trainer had better results than those who worked out alone.


Why? It’s one of the benefits of a personal trainer: they push people to work hard by providing expertise, knowledge, and motivation. Make sure you have facts like this on hand when your clients walk through your door.


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Does A Personal Trainer Help You Lose Weight?


Yes, sometimes personal trainers help people lose weight. But as a personal trainer (or CrossFit instructor or yoga teacher), your main responsibility is to help your client reach their goals. This doesn’t always involve weight loss – but even when it does, it can take a while before the physical results show. Many people choose to use a personal trainer to gain muscle or increase their endurance or improve their general health and wellbeing. If your client’s main goal is weight loss, try to help them see beyond the numbers to the other ways their fitness practice will enhance their lives.


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Understand What Might Be Holding Potential Clients Back


Put yourself in your potential clients’ shoes. Some people might have never exercised seriously their entire lives. For many, it can be a huge step to hire a personal trainer and regularly incorporate fitness into their lives. Before they even come to see you, they’re asking themselves all sorts of questions:


| Should I get a personal trainer to lose weight?

| What if my trainer makes fun of me or pushes me too hard?

| How beneficial is a personal trainer, really? Couldn’t I just do this on my own?


They also might have friends and family who aren’t supportive of how much it costs to hire a personal trainer. After all, why hire a personal trainer when your client can go to the gym on their own and save money? Allay their fears and worries by communicating the benefits of personal trainers to your clients.


What Does A Personal Trainer Do For You?




Personal trainers create personalized workouts that are catered specifically to an individual’s body, goals, and abilities. Generic exercise plans from the internet might go too fast or too slow, meaning your client is either wasting time or overextending themselves by pushing too hard to keep up. As a trainer, you’ll measure your client’s progress and alter workouts accordingly, so they’ll always be right on track.




Personal trainers offer variety. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with a workout routine, whether because clients are too lazy or too intimidated to search for alternatives. That’s where you come in. Fitness instructors are there to keep people engaged and excited to work out. Make sure you regularly switch up your routines to keep your clients from becoming bored.




Fitness trainers instruct clients on the best exercises to target different areas of the body. Because fitness instructors are certified, they can also instruct on the proper procedures for using various exercise equipment so clients perfect their form. Teach them ways to avoid pulling muscles and encourage appropriate stretching and cool-down techniques.


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Personal trainers help clients set realistic fitness goals. Your client who’s never worked out a day in his life wants to run a marathon? Definitely possible. He wants to run one next month? Not going to happen. Draw up a plan to show him the steps you’ll use to get him to that level–eventually.




One of the most important personal trainer benefits has to do with improved mental health. We’ve all heard of a runner’s high. Well, that isn’t just limited to running. Exercise of all kinds can release stress and improve the mood.


A 2005 article from Psychiatric Services has even shown exercise to have positive impacts on those who suffer from mental health disorders.


Help your clients see how exercise can have a positive impact on their entire lives, including their mental health.




Fitness trainers keep clients focused on the end goal, so they waste less time. Because your clients are paying for every minute, they will try to get the most bang for their buck.


Other Common Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer


Why use a personal trainer if you’re physically fit and know your way around a gym? For many people, their problem isn’t that they don’t know how to work out, it’s that they can’t work up the motivation to do it by themselves.


One 2003 study from the Journal of Sports Science Medicine showed that personal training can change a client’s entire attitude toward exercise to a more positive one.


That’s where you come in. You provide encouragement and challenge in equal measure to ensure your clients don’t slack off while helping them expand their knowledge to try new things


Keep in mind, however, that you can throw all the statistics and figures you want at your clients about how beneficial it is for them to work out with a personal trainer, but that might not convince them you’re the right person for the job. Explain your qualifications and experience, and how that makes you the right person to work with them. Keep track of your past or current clients’ success stories to share with others and prove that you have what it takes to help them succeed.


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The Benefits of Personal Training Statistics in your Practice


It takes many clients several months before they begin to see tangible fitness results, so how can you keep them satisfied in their progress? Use numbers and statistics to carefully track their data, starting from the very first workout session. Regularly update your client on how much farther they can run without stopping, or how much weight they can lift now compared to when they first started. They’ll feel accomplished, even before they see the pounds drop on the scale.


How Long Should You Have a Personal Trainer?


The truth is, the length of time a person needs a personal trainer simply depends on the goals of each client. Don’t oversell what you can do for the client, or promise too much, because that can erode trust and damage your relationship with your client. Instead, be clear up front about how many personal training sessions they will need to see results. Some clients may always need the external motivation a trainer provides, but some might develop enough confidence to succeed on their own. Whatever the case, don’t take it personally if your client decides to stop seeing you after they reach their goals; that means you taught them well and gave them the tools they needed to successfully carry on their fitness routines on their own.


One of the benefits of being a personal trainer is that you can be your own boss – but don’t use that as an excuse to neglect key aspects of your business. So when your clients ask you, “What are the benefits of working with a personal trainer?” make sure you’re prepared to answer them.


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