Yoga has helped me put everything together and move on – Interview with Caroline, TheYoginist

Caroline's yoga teaching journey, that she describes regularly on Instagram, is followed now by more than 75k users.


Caroline is a yoga teacher who runs Vinyasa yoga classes, and workshops in her hometown Paris in France. On Instagram, Caroline is posting motivational photos and videos from her yoga practice; and all of them are distinguished by the simplistic approach, calm pastel tones, and, above all, advances yoga postures. Yoga students and teachers seek on her Instagram account insights and inspiration on how to effectively integrate yoga practice with day-to-day responsibilities, and what are the benefits.

How did Caroline start and develop her career as a yoga teacher, what's her recipe for building an engaged yoga audience, and what does it mean for her to lead an active, healthy, and happy life? Read our interview with Caroline, TheYoginist.


If you had to define all that you do in a title, what would you call yourself?


Caroline TheYoginist: I'm a wellbeing learner and teacher.


How did you end up using your passion to create the profession that you have today?


Caroline TheYoginist: I have been practicing yoga for six years. I became a yoga teacher not because I decided to become one, but it came to me with time, it was a project that grew organically. I formerly was a Project Manager in an Engineering Company in China. Lots of things, both in my private and professional life, were ending so I decided to come back “home” to France. In this process, I was practicing a lot of yoga and thought, “why not deepen my practice and take a yoga teacher training course then?” After one month spent in Bali, I came back to Paris with no job, no boyfriend, no home, and a rescue dog. I would have never thought I would one day become a yoga teacher, but I eventually started teaching to friends and friends of friends. They loved it, and I loved it, too. And, slowly but surely, I became a professional yoga teacher. I know, now, this was bound to happen. I always wanted to do a job that would share values that I consider important to me with the world. My motivation is now to keep spreading those values to my surroundings and my students.


Why did you decide to obtain a yoga certification in Bali, and what type of training did you have to do? Do you have any advice for people who want to become a yoga teacher on how to choose the best training for themselves?


Caroline TheYoginist: Ha, I think I partly answered that question above. I took the “200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Arts” course (lead by the wonderful Louisa Sear and her team of teachers). There are, nowadays, so many yoga training courses, and I would strongly recommend that people choose carefully. And, one of the best ways to do this, for me (and this is what I did), is to ask your favorite yoga teacher where they did their training. If you see a way of teaching and you’d like to teach in that way, then I would trust that person.

Yoga training will vary a lot in terms of the ratio of Asanas practice to “the Rest” (including Pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, etc.). For myself, I like to practice “the Rest,” which sadly tends to be forgotten.

Yoga teacher training will also vary in terms of the number of participants (where 30 seems to be the maximum) and the lead teacher’s experiences (I wanted myself to have someone with experience, spanning over a long period of time, that could inspire me and make me feel confident in what I was learning).

Finally, I would recommend not to pick a first yoga training course that claims to be a specific “method” in itself. There are big yoga “schools” that are great doors into the world of yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga). I would go for those. Later you can diversify and specify what you’d like to learn and teach by taking workshops or a more specific course, like “300-hour Yoga Training.”


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What type of yoga do you teach, and what do you like the most about this particular style?


Yoga has helped me put everything together and move on - Interview with Caroline, TheYoginist Active Living Healthy Lifestyle 3
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Caroline TheYoginist: 

I teach Vinyasa yoga. I love its openness in terms of asanas but also in terms of what the teacher can bring to the class. It sets soft limits that you can explore. I am a big fan of movement from various practices (yoga, dance, theatre, etc.), and for me, Vinyasa, in a sense, is a celebration of movement.




Where do you usually run your classes? We know you travel a lot, too. What is the most beautiful place that you have ever practiced yoga, and why?


Caroline TheYoginist: I conduct 98% of my classes in Paris, but I really want to change that this year by combining my travel with teaching more classes around Europe and later around the globe! I love meeting new yogis and experience different kinds of practices, so this would be a dream come true.

I really appreciated my practices in Bali during my yoga teacher training. We would start meditating in a shala at the paddy field at 6 AM.


When we opened our eyes after the meditation class, the sun was rising, and roasters were singing. It was like witnessing the eternal rebirth of the world.


What does your regular day look like as a yoga student and instructor?


Caroline TheYoginist: There are no regular days. I would love to be more organized and create a routine, but I do not have that managed yet. The most regular thing I have is my group yoga classes in the studio, but in between, it is a lot of downtimes where I sort out my apartment, get rid of things (I am done with accumulating things), walk my dog, cook for my boyfriend and myself, answer my emails, and reply to messages on Instagram. Ha! And also, I post Instagram pictures. I also teach privates, and eventually, I take a yoga class (sadly not as often as I want).


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Would you mind sharing some thoughts with us on how and why you started your Instagram account, and what does this platform mean to you as a teacher?


Caroline TheYoginist: I started posting yoga pictures on my Instagram account back in September 2015 during the time I was transitioning from my old life to my new life. I took pictures and put them online because I liked the aesthetic and understood that it could be a tool to see my progress and correct myself. Later on, I understood that it was a great way of connecting with other yoga teachers and practitioners.

The Instagram account started growing, more and more people joined my page and were interested in following my yoga journey.


Instagram, for me, is a great tool to keep connected with those interested in my class, in yoga in

general, or in the overall path I took.


Only recently, my Instagram account attracted brands and new projects. That is really when the challenges started to arise. As a yoga teacher, I do not want to turn into a billboard and advocate for more consumption, I’d rather do the opposite. I am now more and more careful who I work with. I have been given a voice, and I want to use it wisely, and if I am to influence others, let it be in a positive and constructive way.


What role does yoga play in your life?


Caroline TheYoginist: Yoga is definitely much more than a job.


Yoga became, with time, a philosophy, a nice way of


It helps me quite often to refocus on what really matters. It helps me ask myself the right questions. It made the WHOLE difference in my life.


What are you currently working on to get better at right now?


Yoga has helped me put everything together and move on - Interview with Caroline, TheYoginist
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Caroline TheYoginist: Yoga-related, I am working on giving myself more time to practice, investing in training to diversify what I do, and creating yoga classes abroad.

I also want to explore more activities like CrossFit/HIIT, gymnastics, bouldering, etc. I believe that they have a lot to bring to yoga (and vice versa, of course).







Do you have yoga-related goals for yourself? If so, what are they?


Caroline TheYoginist: I want to diversify and explore. I feel lately that I have been doing a lot of the same things and feel like I must take time for myself to re-open the doors of yoga and explore the things that I don’t do often or don’t do at all.


How would you describe your philosophy about living an active, healthy lifestyle?


Caroline TheYoginist:


Move the outside so you can move the inside.


The key to being healthier (both physically and mentally) is often within us. That is where we should start in my opinion, not with fancy gears or expensive tools.

Yoga has been, for me, the perfect opportunity to understand this and comprehend how, through the body, I could better access what was within me. I don’t move my body to be healthy, I move my body to get back to me and access what is within.


Whenever I feel down, sluggish, I don’t ask myself many questions about why I am feeling that way. I don’t ask, “Why do I feel angry?” I move, do yoga, and usually the effect is instantaneous.


Many of our issues come from unbalanced behaviors (like eating too much of this, thinking too much in a negative way, etc.). Yoga has brought balance in my life by teaching me self-acceptance, compassion, and how to let go.


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What are your tips for aspiring yoga teachers? Is there anything yoga students should keep in mind when considering yoga as a career? Is it a path for everyone?


Caroline TheYoginist: There are so many tips I would like to give, but also, I believe becoming a teacher is such a personal journey. Beyond the “pick the right training” advice, I would tell everyone who considers starting yoga as a career to explore. The only thing I could add is, maybe, that a teacher should always remain a passionate one. I found the best yoga teachers to be those. If you put the right intentions into this, then you will find happiness in it.


Where can everyone keep up with you and learn more about what you are doing?


Caroline TheYoginist: My Instagram @theyoginist remains the best place to learn about my latest yoga classes, events, retreats, workshops, and trips. Also, I have a website with a newsletter.


Thank you for your time!



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