9 Top Fitness Influencers to Follow on Instagram October 2018


Top Instagram Fitness Influencers October 2018


Lacking workout motivation? We all struggle with finding enough time or motivation to stick to our fitness routine and daily exercising habits. While motivational books, fitness blogs, and lifestyle magazines try to convince us that we should have got the power to go to the gym or for a run every single day, we all know keeping a healthy workout routine isn't as easy at it sounds.

And, hey, there is nothing wrong with that! Even the most energetic and optimistic among us will face some ups and downs, and it’s totally OK to take a break and re-energize yourself sometimes! The real problem is when these rest days - instead of physical activity - become your daily routine, and your workout schedule is hidden deep under all those sweets you eat today.


So, let’s do not confuse the words sweet and sweat, follow your fitness routine as often as possible, and observe the best possible health benefits!


To help you hold yourself accountable to your active living goals, every month we highlight the most inspiring fitness influencers on Instagram. Start to fill your Instagram feed with skilled and experienced personal trainers, fitness instructors, coaches and dieticians to gain tons of fresh inspiration, workout ideas, knowledge, and motivation. Then just keep on going with all your fitness journey!


1. Bianca Ashley (@yourstrulybianca)

Bianca is a holistic health lifestyle coach, yoga and meditation teacher, nutrition expert. On her Instagram (@yourstrulybianca), Bianca is sharing insights on how to cultivate a self-love mindset through living an active and healthy lifestyle. On the picture, with Jess (@heygorjess).

2. Lana Van Hout (@lanavanhout)

Lana (@lanavanhout) is a fitness professional and personal coach from New Zealand. She is also an ambassador for Adidas. As Lana's specialty is middle distance track running, on her Instagram, you will find various running-related videos and photos from all around the world. At the same time, running is just the beginning of a never-ending list of fitness inspirations sharing by Lana on a regular basis. Don't think twice and follow her to gain even more motivation to keep on going with the fitness plan.

3. Dylan Rivier (@builtbydylan)

Dylan (@builtbydylan) a personal trainer specialized in strength and conditioning. On his Instagram, along with fitness tips and insights, he is publishing stunning pictures highlighting the training sessions in his hometown, Sydney in Australia.

4. Kallie House (@kalfitlife)

Kallie (@kalfitlife) is a fitness and wellness enthusiast who is sharing her passion with thousands of followers (and fellow active living enthusiasts) from all around the world. Kallie has built her following by sharing images about her fitness journey (including post-workout shoots), as well as healthy diet tips.

5. Austin Cole Curry (@austincolecurry)

A fitness trainer and hypertrophy coach, Austin (@austincolecurry) is sharing with his audience videos and photos from his workout sessions. And those are super impressive! The high-quality content all together with motivational captions offers a great value for fitness enthusiasts who want to gain some fresh knowledge and stay positively inspired.

6. Megan Joy Mileham (@meganjoy.m)

Megan specializes in Crossfit, calisthenics, and yoga. Her Instagram account (@meganjoy.m) is filled with an active living inspiration related to both physical activity and healthy diet. Last but not least, Megan is sharing with the audience her passion for everything inversions and balance-related; handstands, headstands, and arm balances. If you're the one who wants to give it a try too, you already know where to look for insights!

7. Remi Ishizuka (@rrayyme)

Remi (@rrayyme) is a health coach, fitness expert, Adidas ambassador. On Instagram, she is providing active living highlights, fitness workout photos, and healthy recipes – having at the same time highly artistic eye. Remi travels a lot, effectively combining travel lifestyle with a fitness routine.

8. Flo Niedhammer (@flo.yoga)

Flo (@flo.yoga) is a traveling yoga teacher based in the Bay Area, California. He started his fitness journey with weightlifting and martial arts training, while currently, Flo is focusing on power vinyasa yoga as a way to build strength and improve body control. Flo's Instagram is a must-see source of knowledge for everyone seeking yoga-related inspiration captured in various breathtaking sceneries.

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9. Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk)

With hundreds of thousands of followers, Amanda (@amandabisk) is one of the most popular fitness influencers on Instagram. As an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, elite athletics coach, and yoga teacher, she has an extensive knowledge and expertise in maintaining body and mind balance. Fitness workout photos, daily snaps from her home country, Australia, and captures from various journeys all around the world can be found on Amanda's fitness Instagram on a day-to-day basis.


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